Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to sustainability as a corporate strategy is shown in different levels of our operations and activities. We aim to build a sustainable business and continually make necessary adjustments to achieve this.

Even in the face of the current harsh economic climate, we have kept our reputation as an organization that takes pride being responsible and creating shared values through innovation and diversity. Engaging in socially responsible activities will further drive our sustainability journey in which long-term success in actualized.

Our policy is to continually set high standards of safety at workplace; improve the working conditions, health, and wellness of our employees, the environment, our host communities and other stakeholders which we know will positively impact our business performance in a sustainable manner.

This policy is hinged on the following Corporate Social Responsibility pillars:

  • Education, research and skills development
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Health, safety, and welfare
  • Infrastructural Development
  • Security

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