Blown Film

We provide solid and long lasting protection for all packages which are more flexible at a cost effective rate and higher yield. With a range of German extruders, we remain the number one total packaging solutions for Shrink Film, Stretch Film while focusing on quality and durability.

The extrusion method adopted by BAGCPO Morpack has endeared our customers to us. We professionally engage our machinery and latest technologies to deliver top notch extruded films.

While doing what we know how to do best, we ensure that our resultant films are greatly benefical to our clients and whatever applications they had in mind. All these are possible becaue our process takes care of everything from inception by ensuring that:

  1. The overall size and width of the finished sheet has uniform dimensions that would conform to the required output
  2. The thickness of the finished film is perfectly controlled to avoid product faults.
  3. Proper air cooling process performed while film travels to the nip rollers to be rolled just to deliver best outputs.

Hence, the properties of our extruded films are maintained excellently for the following peculiarities: tensile strength, flaxual strength, toughness, optical properties etc.

Our extruded films include:

  • Shrink films
  • Stretch films
  • Poly rolls
  • Pure Water rolls

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