Golden Fertilizer Company Limited was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Flour Mills of Nigeria Plc (FMN) in 1997 with fertilizer blending, distribution and supply as its core business. Today, through the efforts of a skilled and dedicated team, the Golden Fertilizer Company has evolved into one of the leading companies within the agro-allied supply chain in the country.

With a capacity of 450,000MTPA, blending facility in Lagos & Kaduna and a wide distribution network, Golden Fertilizer Company Ltd. has continued to flourish in Nigeria as the farmers’ friend with its flagship brand “Golden Fertilizer” providing an array of blended NPK variants, special blends as required by individuals or corporate customers, an effective distribution network and insurance for its quality fertilizers. This insurance is a partnership between PULA and LEADWAY Assurance ensuring compensation for a shortfall in expected yield on the area planted by the farmer. We are also participating in the Federal Government’s Presidential fertilizer initiative which provides fertilizers to farmers at a subsidized rate.

The Golden Fertilizer Company recognizes the role of a robust fertilizer regime for Nigeria’s re-emerging agricultural sector and for the past thirteen years, has remained fully committed to supporting Nigeria’s Agro-Allied industry, with top quality products and services.

NPK 20-10- 10 Fertilizer

This formulation is very popular with the eastern zone farmers. It is usually for grains and vegetables

NPK 27-13- 13 Fertilizer

This is a special formulation particularly suitable for maize, sorghum, millet, rice, cassava and yam.

NPK 12-12- 17 + MgO Fertilizer

This NPK formulation is popular with palm crop and tree crop farmers. It is rich in potassium. Good for tubers too.

NPK 15-15- 15 Fertilizer

This can be said to be a general purpose NPK formulation. It is our star product. It contains 15% each of N, P an K. Suitable for all crops.

Urea 46-0- 0

Urea contains the highest nitrogen percentage (46%) of all the solid fertilizers. it is highly water soluble but less corrosive to equipment than many other products. Top dressing applications for maize, upland rice, millet, cotton tomatoes, sugarcane, etc.

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